Healing to The Max is a therapeutic intensive program specially designed to support:

Parents, Guardians and Grandparents & Youth and Teen Survivors of a traumatic loss by suicide through the lens of Narrative Therapy.

Since our inception, we have expanded to include a continuous monthly Men's Only group program, an ongoing monthly program for all types of survivors and we are in the process of developing in-person support programs for our Northern Communities here in Saskatchewan.

Healing to The Max is modern and effective grief support for anyone who's experienced a tragic loss by suicide.


Crisis Resources

If you need immediate assistance call 9-1-1

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868

Hope for Wellness Help Line: 1-855-242-3310

Healing to The Max is progressively growing into the critical arena of suicide prevention, which will provide an outlet for those bereaved by this loss, to come together and affect meaningful change, under a unified umbrella. 

This is a dynamic interactive presentation on suicide prevention especially designed for students, teachers, and support staff in high schools across Canada.  

On Average, we lose 11 Canadians each day by suicide. Still, tragically 200 more will attempt suicide every day. Saskatchewan has the highest suicide rate in the entire country.

Now is the time to take action on opening the dialog with our youth and education providers so we may all work together to reduce the stigmas around mental health and provide support to those who may be silently suffering.

Gone Away Ones is an uplifting and empowering experience, which will equip participants with:

~ A working knowledge on how to recognize signs of suicidal ideation in themselves, or in those they care about.

~ A list of resources accessible on an app on a phone.

~ Coping techniques to help support themselves or someone they care about through a mental health crisis.

Presented by: Healing to The Max Creators and Facilitators.

Sponsored by: Love My Mind

Inspiring Hope

We are here to walk alongside you as you endure the heartbreaking and traumatic loss of a loved one by suicide.

It's our mission to inspire hope and offer support as we strive together towards healing.  


After losing our beloved 16 year old son and brother Max, by suicide in the early spring of 2015, we found there was a gap in support services for families like our own.

We began with the goal of designing support programs for parents, guardians and grandparents, as well as, for youth and teens.




Through the lens of Narrative Therapy

Join our educational online therapeutic programs, online support groups, and in-person healing retreats designed as support services to offer community, grief management, awareness, education and a space to heal and connect with others experiencing the devastating loss of a loved one by suicide.

  • Parent, Guardian & Grandparent Therapeutic Intensive Survivor Support Program

    This 12-week program is especially designed to support parents, guardians and grandparents through the complex, and traumatic aspects of losing a beloved child by suicide. 

    Each week, new topics will be introduced. Together with the support of our trained facilitators, participants will begin their individual journeys of healing through a series of guided journaling questions, short answer questions, therapeutic art projects, and discussions.

  • Youth & Teen Therapeutic Intensive Survivor Support Program

    This is an -week therapeutic intensive program especially designed to help support young people ages 11-18, who have tragically lost of loved one by suicide.  Each week, aspects of this complex grieving experience will be introduced.

    Through a series of guided journaling exercises, therapeutic art projects, short answer questions, discussions and healing activities, participants will learn to balance their grief and joy, live with a renewed sense of intention, and honour the everlasting and enduring connection they share with their loved one. 

  • Healing Together | Men's Only Survivor Support Group

    An online space where male survivors can come together, monthly to share their unique experience of grief. 

    Many men experiencing loss are not only bereaved but they are also supporting others and often push away their own complex emotions.

    This group acknowledges these complexities and provides healing through the lens of Narrative Therapy.

  • Healing Together | Adult Survivor Support Group

    This is a monthly support drop-in style option for all types of survivors of a traumatic loss by suicide, AGES 18+.  

    Participants are welcome to attend on a fluid basis. Each session's facilitator introduces one complicated aspect of suicide loss, leaving time to have a discussion about anything participants are currently struggling with and would like additional support on.

  • Healing Together | Youth & Teen Survivor Support Group

    This is a monthly support drop-in style option for all types of survivors of a traumatic loss by suicide, AGES 11-18.  

    This program is written for the specific and complex challenges young people face when they experience a traumatic loss by suicide. All our branches of support are facilitated through the lens of narrative therapy.

  • Aboriginal Peoples Northern Community Support Program

    In-person healing retreats facilitated in our Northern Communities. All Healing to The Max programs, having the strong foundation of Narrative Therapy, allow for the addition of all cultural nuances to be included in our support options.  We design and facilitate in-person healing sessions upon the request of your community’s mental health liaisons.

  • Healing to The Max Educational Seminars

    Online Zoom seminars provided at no cost to mental health agencies, school staff, or private companies whom would like to learn more about our programs of support, or learn how to support co-workers whom are returning to work following a bereavement by suicide.


Narrative Therapy

A brand new approach to healing after loss. We move away from the traditional notion of closure and instead invite you to honour the everlasting and enduring connection you share with your loved one.

Healing to The Max Programs & Support Groups

aim to help you and your family realize that it’s not necessary to close off that chapter of your life to battle your grief, but instead learn how to “Say hello, again” to the loved one you've lost and find ways going forward, to incorporate their memory into everyday life while dealing with your grief in a healthy way.


Contribute to Healing to The Max

100% of donations go towards the support of our community by providing access to resources & prevention education.