Gone Away Ones is a dynamic interactive presentation on suicide prevention especially designed for students, teachers, and support staff.  

On Average, we loose 11 Canadian’s each day by suicide.  Still, tragically 200 more will attempt suicide every day. Saskatchewan has the highest suicide rate in the entire country.

Gone Away Ones is an uplifting and empowering experience, which will equip the participants with:

~ A working knowledge on how to recognize signs of suicidal ideation in themselves, or in those they care about.

~ A list of resources which will be available on an app right on their phones.

~ Coping techniques to help support themselves or someone they care about through a mental health crisis.


This suicide prevention & awareness program is the first of its kind, having been developed by a combination of mental health professionals and survivors of a traumatic loss by suicide.  

Gone Away Ones is facilitated through the lens of Narrative Therapy in a supported environment.

We bring trained, professional counsellors to sit with the student body throughout the presentation, and we set up in rooms at the school following the presentation for debriefing for those who need further connection. 

There is a note sent home to each student’s household informing them of the presentation, and it is optional for students to stay at the school for the hour following the presentation.  

Healing to The Max provides a hot lunch to allow the students time to connect with one of our counsellors, and to de-brief and following the presentation. 

The connection continues with two educational seminars:

~ One designed for teachers and support staff 

~ One for parents, guardians and care givers 

These educational seminars are offered via Zoom for the convenience and ease by allowing the most participants possible.  

All mental health outlets and professionals in your community will be notified of the date of the “Gone Away Ones” presentation, to allow for easy access to supports for those who would like to begin a plan of follow up care.

Get Your School on the List

Healing to The Max has been creating this thoughtful approach to suicide prevention for the past several years and is honoured to be leading the way in bringing a brand new approach to suicide prevention to the high school students of Canada!

Send a message or give us a call to learn more about this inspirational offering of connection to your high school.

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