Life Line

I was drowning in pain and sorrow when a coworker sent me a screen shot of “Healing to the Max”. A group designed to help survivors of Suicide. (My first born, Lucas, had sadly and tragically taken his life.) When I finally called, (because it’s extremely scary to reach out!), I was welcomed with such warmth and friendliness. It was as if we’d known each other a long time. When in fact, through this terrible grief, Jill and I were very connected! Along with the other members, that connection is felt to this day. Luckily, the first session was on the day I called. With my armour securely wrapped around me, I ventured out that evening and I’m so glad I did!

The love and caring the facilitators demonstrated was immeasurable! The amazing time, effort and knowledge that was put into the material was and is a life line. To be around people who really understood what I was going through was a blessing. I felt safe, secure, believed, protected and encouraged to feel. The content of the program helped me to understand myself as well as others. No offence, but family and friends could not support me in a way that I needed. (I really had no idea what that should look like or what I even wanted!) The assignments and homework, showed me that Lucas is still with me and will always be with me. This life line has helped me live life through different eyes!

I am extremely grateful to have met the wonderful and supportive Jill and The Healing to the Max group!

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