Two and a half years after losing my son Steven, I joined Healing-to-the-Max intensive program. Within this group, I went from just wanting to suffer alone in my grief, to coming to the realization that I suffered for far too long and should have started the program right away.

Until I joined Healing-to-the-Max, I felt that nobody could understand my unrelenting pain and agony over losing my son, but I quickly found that I was not alone in my darkness, and I found myself surrounded by a loving community of people just like me. Together, we helped each other to cope better. I no longer felt alone, nor did I want to be alone with my grief.

As I shared my feelings and experiences of navigating this new life without Steven, and hearing from others as they shared theirs, I felt spared from sinking deeper into my own grief. I learned how to manage my grief and to be gentler with myself.

The group became my tribe, the group became my supporters and they are my source of comfort on the hard days. My new sisters and I at Healing-to-the-Max will accompany each other on this grief journey for the rest of our lives, and we will be there for each other.

Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Mother of Steven Rigby Dec 22, 2018

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