Healing to the MAX is a 12-Week Intensive Therapeutic Support Group for Parents, Grandparents and/or Guardians of Loved Ones Who Have Completed Suicide.

A message from our team:
Our Healing To The Max hearts are genuinely warmed by the courage and beautiful vulnerability of those who have shared their personal experience of heartbreaking loss and deep, enduring love. Thank you for your trust in allowing us the honour to stand beside you on your path of healing.

First, I am not a parent, I am an aunt of a 17 year old girl who died by suicide. My niece was as close to a daughter as I will ever get. She lived with me for 2 years during high school and in those 2 years, we created a lifetime of memories that I cherish to this day. 

Healing to the MAX was a group I sought out only 3 weeks after losing my niece. Living in the south away from my family in the North, I did not know what else to do. Jill was very welcoming and supportive right from the start, even when I explained that I was not a parent, she welcomed me with no hesitation. Jill knew I needed help.

This was the first time in my life that I experienced suicide and it came as a complete and total shock to my life. The loss of “my girl” devastated me and it felt so different from other losses in my life. It affected whether I slept or not, what my day was going to look like, whether I got out of bed, ate or not eat, whether I went to work or not – It affected me in every possible way! It even affected my memory! I had memory loss from those days. I started to remember things during my therapy and I am glad that I did. I did not realize grief could hit anyone so hard that you would lose your memory.

Healing to MAX was just what I needed and I am so glad I reached out. I knew that eventually I would have to discuss the tragic loss of my loved one and be invited to share my experience of loss. I understood that within this support group I would be asked to reflect upon, share and participate in activities to aid in my healing journey and one of those journeys was to show them who my wonderful and amazing niece was before she died. This was healing. As hard as this was, this really helped. 

I understood that what I shared in the group was held in strict confidence and that I too will protect the confidentiality of others in the group. This was a safe space! This was a place a comfort! There was no criticism or judgement here! 

Throughout the duration of this group, I was able to reach out to Jill and others like Anjeanette and Lauren, as well as my fellow support group members. I had a few triggers over the last few months, I went to the support group, and as always, they were able to calm me down and say all the right words. We all remain friends to this day and I feel so fortunate for that. 

If you have an opportunity to join Healing to MAX, I highly recommend it. I have made lifelong friends of people who know my loss, my pain and the healing it takes to be in a better place and most importantly, that we do not forget out loved ones.

In December of 2019 I lost my precious 19 year old son to suicide without warning. I was devastated to say the least. A few short weeks later I was referred to Healing to the Max from a friend who’d heard of this program. They had just started there first 12 week intense session. I called Jill, one of the cofounders of the group and inquired about joining the group. She spent 2 hours on the phone with me, walking beside me in my deepest time of need. I knew after that call that this was the group for me and I aspired to be like her as my journey progressed. I knew the journey was going to be rough but Jill assured me she would walk by my side. For someone to be positive and have the will to live after such a devastating loss was miraculous to me. She was able to get me in with a makeup session at her house in order to get me caught up on the program as two sessions had happened already and I was desperate to start. I truly believe it changed the trajectory of my healing journey and honestly believe this program saved my life. The road has still been extremely hard since the program but I now have many tools in my tool belt to help me through the tougher days. Also, I’ve made some life long friends through this tragedy that I’ve met through the program. The comfort of people that walk this path with me and do so with no judgement holds me up at times when I’d been barely treading water. I’m beyond grateful to Healing to the Max for showing me there is a way to survive with joy and pain together. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve lost someone to suicide. For that I’m terribly sorry. But you’ve definitely come to the right place for help. 💜 

Barb Clark

Life Line

I was drowning in pain and sorrow when a coworker sent me a screen shot of “Healing to the Max”. A group designed to help survivors of Suicide. (My first born, Lucas, had sadly and tragically taken his life.) When I finally called, (because it’s extremely scary to reach out!), I was welcomed with such warmth and friendliness. It was as if we’d known each other a long time. When in fact, through this terrible grief, Jill and I were very connected! Along with the other members, that connection is felt to this day. Luckily, the first session was on the day I called. With my armour securely wrapped around me, I ventured out that evening and I’m so glad I did!

The love and caring the facilitators demonstrated was immeasurable! The amazing time, effort and knowledge that was put into the material was and is a life line. To be around people who really understood what I was going through was a blessing. I felt safe, secure, believed, protected and encouraged to feel. The content of the program helped me to understand myself as well as others. No offence, but family and friends could not support me in a way that I needed. (I really had no idea what that should look like or what I even wanted!) The assignments and homework, showed me that Lucas is still with me and will always be with me.  This life line has helped me live life through different eyes!

I am extremely grateful to have met the wonderful and supportive Jill and The Healing to the Max group!