Meet our Facilitators!

Anjeanette Corbeil
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Rapport Clinical Consulting Group
Certified FISH Philosophy Facilitator

Anjeanette is a loving mother to Ayden and Landis. Ayden was, (is still) Max’s very best friend. Anjeanette is a wife to the hilarious Brent (a former hockey coach of both Ayden and Max) and a pet mommy. Anjeanette has over 23 years of experience in facilitating group therapy and is a passionate co-founder of “Healing to the Max”. She has taken a leave of absence from her regular position at R.P.C. to devote her energy and talents to the launch of these initial groups. After losing Max, Anjeanette retrained to concentrate on suicide bereavement to help support Ayden who was left behind, as well, to help create and facilitate this one of a kind support for our community.

Lauren Kovarsky

Lauren BSC, H has a double honors degree in Psychology and Sociology with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan. Her strengths are in listening to others, deeply empathizing, showing care and compassion, and helping to problem solve. She is a passionate contributor to “Healing to the Max” and is a long-time, personal friend of Jill’s. Lauren is a mother to Misha (who is in his second year of university at Queen’s, and was a childhood friend of Max’s), a much-admired life-partner to Wayne (a devoted, local high school teacher and coach), and a proud pet parent! She loves to be active outdoors, and is the most fun person you’ll ever meet! Maybe someday, you will taste one of her gourmet cheesecake creations!

Jill Cowan

Jill is a fellow survivor parent, having lost her beloved son, Maximilian (Max) in March of 2015. Max was just 16 years old. She is also the mother of two surviving children, Zachary and Neave-Marie, a surrogate mommy to Jinx the cat, and wife to firry Scottish Man, Brian. She blogs about navigating her journey of survivorship, and loves all things related to art, fashion, and adventure! Jill was a preschool teacher and has owned her daycare for 15 years. She works part-time at her local Ronald McDonald House, where she helps support sick children and their parents who have extended hospital stays. She loves to travel and someday would like to revisit her roots in the sports of karate and dance. She is a co-founder of “Healing to The Max” and is looking forward to creating connections with other survivor families.

Bev Shedden

Bev is a fellow survivor parent, having lost her beloved son Jamie to suicide in July of 2012. Jamie was just 29 years old. Bev has a surviving son and daughter and two lovely, young grandchildren that are her entire world! They are her joy and the reason she is where she is in her life and her own personal journey of healing. Together with her family, they have chosen to honor the way Jamie lived in life, as his passing by suicide was not indicative of the loving young man he was. Bev is an inspirational woman and a passionate contributor to our program! Welcome Bev Shedden as our newest facilitator in “Healing to The Max”. We are thrilled you’ve chosen to honor Jamie’s legacy by adding your time and talents to our therapeutic healing program!