Healing To The Max presents:

Healing Together

A grief support group for ALL types of survivors of a loss by suicide.

Beginning early December, 2020

Ages 18+

No cost to participate – this will be offered via Zoom due to current Covid protocol.

Our Purpose

“Healing To The Max” is the ONLY therapeutic support group offered specifically to support parents and their children bereaved due to a tragic loss by suicide. This twelve-week, intensive group has been collaboratively designed by fellow survivors and clinical counselors with more than 23 years of experience in group therapy. This group will be taught through a narrative therapy lens and will focus on one aspect of this complicated grieving process, each week.

What Our Group Offers:

– a work binder to keep your weekly handouts
– a book to help facilitate your weekly journaling
– a presentation from a mother of child loss, and author of “Journey to Healing – A Mother’s Guide to Navigating Child Loss”
– a presentation from a highly skilled Reiki Healer
– a session introducing animal-assisted interventions
– a session led by a professional art therapist and much more.

The author of this book, Lisa K. Boehm will be giving a presentation during one of the sessions.
This book will be provided to help with writing as a way of working through grief.

The weekly group will include confidential group discussions, self-reflection, and thoughtful hands-on activities as we support the healing process. This will be an intensive therapeutic group, with the goal of harmoniously complementing individual counseling, and other support groups one may be participating in. Each of our twelve week therapy session facilitator manuals have been designed in collaboration with professionals and fellow survivors, and will be reviewed by Dr. Stefan Brennan Ph.D. Dr. Brennan is a local psychiatrist, specializing in Adult Addiction and Mental Health. 

We will be setting up interviews to speak further about the details of the 12-week intensive and sign forms of consent.
Call for details.
Healing to The Max proudly presents:
An evening with author Lisa K. Boehm !
Taking registrations for our youth and teen program now ! You can use the contact form on this website, or find us on Facebook on our Healing to The Max page. All messages are private and confidential.
The day our child dies by suicide is the beginning of a lifetime of grieving. The collateral damage to ourselves and families is immeasurable. We have a beautiful therapeutic program of hope and healing – let’s do this together !! Get in touch to learn more about our upcoming programs and events đź’•

Co-Creator of Healing to The Max, Jill Cowan speaks about, blocks to healing after a loss by suicide, her top three strategies and techniques to learning to live with grief and joy, hand in hand, and practicing self-care and self-love on your journeys of survivorship.


The Healing to The Max Team has proudly collaborated with these organizations, and more !

Our goals include changing the narrative around the stigma of being bereaved by a tragic loss by suicide.
We have also prepared educational opportunities for improving the policies on how the bereaved are treated upon returning to work.

We are looking forward to continuing to work closely with The FSIN team to develop a pilot project to bring to our First Nations’ Communities.

One thing we are passionate about is building an established community of complete support and healing. This includes being an avenue for advocacy work ! We currently developing an innovative approach to an awareness campaign for improving the way we get help for our loved ones whom experience suicidal ideation.